Dr. Dorothea Mueller

Dorothea MüllerDr. Dorothea Mueller is a Jungian Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist and Director of the CG Jung Ambulatorium in Zürich. Her particular interests are in Trauma Therapy and Gender Dysphoria. She is a volunteer with the Nakuru Women’s Prison Mental Health Project, in collaboration with the Psychiatric Disability Organization (PDO) of Kenya. (Representing Psychiatry).


Dr. Dilys Walker

Dr. Dilys WalkerDr. Dilys Walker is the Founder and President, PRONTO International, USA. She is an Obstetrician Gynecologist, Professor, Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences, Bixby Center for Global Reproductive at the University of California San Francisco. Prior to joining UCSF, she worked at the University of Washington and was Associate Director for the Global Center for Adolescent and Womens’ Health. She spent 11 years at the National Institute of Public Health in Mexico, where Dilys and her team developed a novel approach to emergency training. Dilys has lead PRONTO’s growth from Mexico to Guatemala, Kenya, and India. (Representing Maternal Child Health). 

Bernice Nderitu

Bernice NderituBernice Nderitu is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at United States International University-Africa. Bernice has more than eleven years of experience working with children, adolescents, and families as a psychotherapist and project management professional both in rural and urban settings. She has interests in research, advocacy, early childhood intervention, and community mental health. Bernice’s position as an advisory board member emanates from a deep appreciation for expressive arts. (Representing Child and Adolescent Psychology)

Dr. Christine Fritz

Dr_Christine-FritzChristine Fritz, MD is a specialist in Stress Medicine, Orthomolecular and Mitochondrial Medicine, Bio-identical Hormones and Addictions Treatment. With a private practice in Germany, she also works as the leading doctor in the Centre for Integrative Medicine in Zürich. Mindful that adult conditions often originate in prenatal and early childhood, she has been exploring the brain chemistry and physiology to get a better understanding of symptoms, emotional disturbances, psychiatric diseases and behavior. (Representing Addictions Treatment).

Tim Challen

Tim ChallenTim Challen is the President of Kilimanjaro Initiative (KI), Kenya. Based in Geneva, where he works for the United Nations Federal Credit Union (UNFCU), he founded KI after being shot by a gang of youth during a robbery in Nairobi, Kenya. KI works with victims and former perpetrators of crime in some of Nairobi’s most dangerous slums. Tim also leads annual climbs of Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise awareness on social issues in disenfranchised communities in East Africa and the USA. (Representing MHPSS of Youth and Urban Settlements).

Elizabeth Leuenberger

Elizabeth LeuenbergerElizabeth Leuenberger has an M.A. in Depth Psychology/Jungian and Archetypal Studies and is working on her PhD at Pacifica Graduate Institute in California as well as studying at the CG Jung Institute in Küsnacht. She is interested in the therapeutic and healing power of music and has presented this topic at the JENGA III Workshop in Nairobi in 2016. (Representing Jungian Psychology and Expressive Arts).

Anette Jörgens

Anette JoergensAnette Jörgens is an Ashtanga Yoga Teacher in Zürich (Switzerland). Since 2008 she has been traveling to Mysore (India) to study at KPJAYI and in 2012 received authorization to teach by Paramaguru Sri R. Sharath Jois. Former Director of Studies at the CG Jung Institute of Analytical Psychology, she holds an MA in Linguistics, German Literature and Psychology and a post-graduate degree in Evaluation. She is working on evaluations in the fields of culture/education and teaches yoga in Copenhagen and Zürich. (Representing the BodyMind Approach to Well-Being).