BodyMind Workshops in Zurich

Yoga in a Bag

BeautifulMind held its first BodyMind Workshop in September 2019 in collaboration with Yoga in a Bag: “Joyful Eating: A BodyMind Approach to Eating Disorders”

BeautifulMind goes to Johannesberg

The BMC/JENGA Team was invited to the Fifth Global Summit on Mental Health in Johannesberg in January 2018. As part of the Scientific Committee, we facilitated several panel discussions, including Mental Health of Youth and Creativity and Mental Health.

Toolbox of Treatments: BMA + X-Arts

BMC training workshops impart useful skills for MHPSS practitioners, such as the The BodyMind Approach to Well-Being and the use of Play Therapy, SandPlay, Guided Imagery in Music, Authentic Movement and more. BMA + X-Arts supports the notion of an integrated approach to mental health and well-being that takes the whole body/mind system of the […]